The Central Council

          The members of the central council comprising of 23 main and 6 substitute members are elected for a term of 3 years to handle the affairs of the association of macro level. The central council consists of a chairman, two vice-chairman and a treasurer.
          In case of resignation, death or incompetency of any of the members of the council, the related branch substitutes will be replaced by through their rankings in voting.
          During the first session of the central council, in implementation of article 66 of the government’s by-law, three members from the central council are nominated and one of them is selected by the order of the state’s president. The session of the council is regularly held on a monthly basis.

          The Grand Disciplinary Council
          As per article 56 of the said by-law, the grand disciplinary council of the association is the reference for the appeal of the punishment degree five made by the provincial disciplinary councils and includes five members appointed for a term of three years and whose reappointment is possible:
          1.    One lawyer with 15 years PQE introduced by the minister of justice.
          2.    Two members appointed by the Higher Council of Informatics.
          3.    Two members appointed by the central council of the Association.
          On the basis of article 6 of the article of association of the IIG organization, the grand disciplinary council is deemed as one of the pillars of the association. The council, emphasizing on the development of the interactions and relations between the organization and the member companies and judiciary are the ministry of justice, attempts to develop a system of uniform judicial precedent for the provinces concerning the issues related with the disciplinary council.

          General Board of IIG
          In order to coordinate provincial organizations, General Board of IIG compromising of Provincial Board of Directors will be formed at the state level. The General Board will be formed by invitation of central council once a year in presence of representative of the Higher Council of Informatics. General board sessions will be recognized by presence of half of its members.

          Team of Advisors
          By the service of general polices of principle 44 of the constitution by the Grand Islamic. Leader, the organization’s team of advisors was formed by inviting the highly experienced IT directors who has also served as IT authorities.
          Utilizing the experience and knowledge of such directors to develop strategic plans for the improvement of business of the member companies and also to pave the way for acceleration of interaction between the association and the government was a good motive for the authorities of the organization to have such meetings. One of the most important consequences of the advisor’s team was to form a watchdog committee which reviews the possible existence of illegal gangs of quasi-government origin that affect the tenders and IT projects, in case article 44 of the constitution is not observed. The watchdog is responsible for guarding the boundaries of the organization and defending the rights of the members.

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