Program and opportunity

          The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Government has programmed several activities to catch its aims in expanding e-Government Services, Information Technology Industry, Information Literacy and increase in level of effectiveness in various social, economical and cultural aspects.
          Among them is the Fifth 5-Year Development Program (2011-2015) enforcing the government to execute infrastructural projects to reach these aims:
          1. Access to the internet for all businesses and at least 60% of home users
          2. Reaching the 2nd position among region’s countries for the overall international internet bandwidth
          3. Reaching the 2nd position among region’s countries for the e-Government readiness
          4. Increase of the share of ICT industry in GDP to 2%

          Iran’s major infrastructure projects include:

          1. Setting up local datacenters based on international standards to fully serve governmental organizations’ information
          2. Issuance of intelligent multi-purpose national ID card covering 100% of nationals
          3. Setting up the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) from national to local coverage
          4. Setting up the National Real Estate legal information database
          5. Setting up the National Registered Entities information database
          6. Setting up the National Information Network
          7. Setting up the Government Root Certificate Authority and Intermediate CAs
          8. Setting up the e-TAX project
          9. Coverage of 100% of businesses with the e-Cashiers’ project
          10. Securing the infrastructure and data exchange of information against electronic treats and attacks, based on local and international standards in all key governmental organizations.

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