IT strategic plan

          The future desired picture of IT in the country, regarding the ideals, wishes and society needs in direction of the 20-year Vision document, is:
          “IT is a pioneer agent in the knowledge-based national development, the core values creator, the provider of secure and equal opportunities for all Iranians, the former of knowledge management and intelligent network society based on Iranian-Islamic identity and it is the developed IT hub in the region towards the achievement of the goals of vision 2025”
          To reach this vision the following main objectives in the ICT field are targeted:
          • Promoting the level of required knowledge and skills for IT and developing human resources to achieve the knowledge-based society
          • Attaining the Information Technovation system at the superior level of region, and continuous and proper increasing of the research and development shares from out of Gross National Product
          • Achieving the predominant industry of IT in order to gain the main shares of the regional market and to satisfy the need of country by active presence at the international arena
          • Promoting the national productivity level and enjoying the supranational opportunities which are accompanied with making the economical active people agile based on IT, in order to gain the first place in the region economy
          • Preparing the secure and safe (soft and hard) infrastructures and the institutional regulations at the universal standard level, in order to achieve the e-government and the realization of the knowledge-based society
          • Improvement and development of the regional and international communications at different IT domains

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    Executive: PORTAL SAMAN